Decluttering Tips – Change Your Mind to Change Your Life

It may seem a daunting task looking around the room you are standing in. Whether it be the living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other room in your house. The piles of everything from junk mail to newspapers to clothes to kitchen appliances and even dishes in the sink. This is commonly referred to, in a nice way, as clutter. As you will soon discover there are a number of simple decluttering tips that can get you moving in a direction to organize the stuff we all get and do not necessarily know what to do with.

Step 1 – It does not necessarily need to take huge amounts of time to declutter your home, your office, your garage or any other area that needs organized. The necessary thing to do is to get started right away. Procrastinating on any project will create a mindset that it takes too much time to complete. In as little as five minutes a day for a period of a few weeks you can have a room or two decluttered and highly organized.

Step 2 – Changing your mindset to an organizer instead of a hoarder is also imperative to your success. We have all received the gift from a friend or relative that was not necessarily to our liking. Well, instead of keeping it, donate or sell it. There could many people that would relish the item. We all have different tastes and styles. The old saying that another mans junk is another mans treasure applies in this situation.

Step 3 – Adding to step 2 is our own ideas about the things we keep. Quite obviously mementos of our lives and our loved ones lives are important. But when no one in the family knows when or where or who is in the pictures in the old photo album, maybe it is time to get rid of it. The same can be said of old schoolwork. The yearbooks are important but are all the notes you took in class. Or the textbooks?

Step 4 – Be determined to get it and keep it looking the way you want. Even though it may take some time to declutter your home it is easy to keep it clean and organized once it is. Just remember to not fall back into the same traps that cluttered it in the first place. Create places for the most important items, those that are used frequently. Get rid of the least important items. This can be a daily process especially with the mail and newspapers.

Step 5 – Get others in the house involved. Have them find places for their important items and get rid of their less important items. Teaching children at a young age the importance of organization will help them later in life. Making their bed daily and putting dirty clothes in a laundry basket or hamper will make a parent’s job easier. Just make sure to follow up with them and explain the importance of organization with them.

Following any or all of these decluttering tips on a daily basis will keep your home organized and cleaner. It will put you in a better state of mind as well. When you do not have to figure out where you left your car keys your day will start off on a positive note.

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